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Herb Plants

An Outdoor Classroom

Triangle School for Holistic Living is headquartered at Jireh Family Farm in Durham County, North Carolina.   Students will be surrounded by locally-raised livestock, along with family garden and culinary and medicinal herbs.  Our outdoor class setting brings our students that much closer to nature and facilitates hands-on learning.

Our classes offer holistic herbalist training to explore our natural environment and foster mindful appreciation. With guided instruction from experienced instructors, students will learn the art of wildcrafting—the skill of identifying, gathering, and preparing various species of plants for medicinal use. Our hikes provide an opportunity to observe native plant life up close, all while deepening your connection with nature and cultivating mindfulness. Join us for a transformative journey with science, exploration, and self-discovery!


Hands-on classrooms are becoming increasingly popular in educational settings. Not only do they provide an opportunity for students to learn and apply the material that is being taught, but they also help to cultivate a holistic approach to learning. With this method of teaching, students can easily adopt mindfulness practices and begin to discover their unique talents and interests in herbalism.

Take Control of Your Health

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